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Scientific Name Common Name(s) Plant Category Image
Aloe spp. Aloe Edible Plants, Poisonous Plants
Aloysia triphylla Lemon verbena Edible Plants, Herbs
Alpinia spp. Shell ginger, ginger lily, shell flower Poisonous Plants
Alstroemeria Lily-of-the-Incas, Peruvian lily Poisonous Plants, Summer Bulbs
Alstroemeria hybrids Peruvian lily Perennials, Poisonous Plants
Alstroemeria spp. Peruvian lily, lily of the Incas Poisonous Plants
Alternanthera dentata Upright calico plant Annuals
Alternanthera ficoidea Bloodleaf, Calico plant, Copperleaf, Joseph's coat, Joyweed, Parrot leaf Perennials
Amanita chlorinosma Chlorine Lepidella Poisonous Plants
Amanita flavoconia Yellow Patches, Yellow Wart Poisonous Plants
Amanita gemmata Gemmed Amanita, Jeweled Deathcap Poisonous Plants
Amanita muscaria Fly Agaric Poisonous Plants
Amanita polypyramis Many Warts Poisonous Plants
Amanita virosa/Amanita bisporigera Death Angel, Destroying Angel Poisonous Plants
Amaranthus 'Magic Fountain' Magic Fountain amaranthus Annuals
Amaranthus blitum L. Livid amaranth, Pigweed Herbs
Amaranthus caudatus Love-lies bleeding, Tassel flower Annuals
Amaranthus palmeri Annuals, Edible Plants
Amaranthus tricolor Fountain plant, Joseph's coat Annuals
Amaryllis belladonna August Lily, Belladonna Lily, Naked Lady Perennial Bulbs, Summer Bulbs
Amelanchier alnifolia Saskatoon serviceberry Shrubs
Amelanchier arborea Downy serviceberry, Shadbush Native Plants, Shrubs, Trees
Amelanchier arborea var. arborea Downy serviceberry, Serviceberry, Shadblow Native Plants, Trees
Amelanchier arborea var. laevis Allegheny serviceberry, Serviceberry Native Plants, Shrubs, Trees
Amelanchier canadensis Serviceberry, Shadbush, Shadbush serviceberry Native Plants, Trees
Amelanchier laevis Allegheny serviceberry Native Plants, Trees
Amelanchier spp. Serviceberry Trees
Amelanchier x grandiflora Apple serviceberry Trees
Amianthium muscitoxicum Fly poison Wildflowers
Ammi majus Bishop's weed, False Queen Anne's lace Annuals
Ammobium alatum Winged everlasting Annuals
Amorpha canescens Leadplant amorpha Shrubs
Amorpha fruticosa Bastard indigo, Indigo bush, Indigo bush amorpha Native Plants, Shrubs
Ampelaster carolinianus Climbing aster Herbs, Native Plants, Vines, Wildflowers
Ampelopsis arborea Buckvine, Cow itch, Pepper vine Native Plants, Poisonous Plants, Shrubs, Vines
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata Porcelain berry, Porcelain vine Poisonous Plants, Vines
Ampelopsis megalophylla Pepper vine Poisonous Plants, Vines
Ampelopsis spp. Ampelopsis, pepper vine Poisonous Plants
Amsonia hubrechtii Arkansas amsonia, Blue star, Hubricht's amsonia Perennials
Amsonia tabernaemontana Blue dogbane, Blue star, Blue star flower Herbs, Native Plants, Perennials, Wildflowers
Ananas comosus Pineapple Poisonous Plants
Anaphalis spp. Pearly everlasting Perennials
Anchusa azurea Alkanet Perennials
Anchusa capensis Bugloss, Cape forget-me not, Summer forget-me not Annuals
Andromeda polifolia Bog rosemary Poisonous Plants
Andropogon gerardii Big bluestem, Turkey foot Ornamental Grass
Andropogon glomeratus Bush beard grass, Bushy Bluestem Native Plants, Ornamental Grass, Perennials
Andropogon ternarius Splitbeard bluestem Native Plants, Ornamental Grass, Perennials
Andropogon virginicus Beard grass, Broomsedge, Broomstraw Ornamental Grass
Anemone blanda Anemones Perennial Bulbs, Poisonous Plants, Spring Bulbs