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We receive thousands of questions, please review the following answers to our most commonly asked:

  1. I have a specific gardening question about a plant or something in the landscape.
    Check out our NC State Extension Gardening Portal for lots of great information and articles about gardening in North Carolina. If you are in North Carolina you can also contact your local County Extension Center and ask to speak to an Extension Master Gardener. Otherwise you can find information specific to our area on the national website.
  2. How do I find a plant on your Toolbox with specific characteristics (native, drought tolerant, pink flowers etc)?
    See our brief video on how to use the "Find a Plant" function on our Toolbox.
  3. How do I purchase a plant or seeds I see on your website?
    We do not sell plants or seeds. You can see which plants are available for sale at the Buy NC Plants website. You can also contact your local county extension office.
  4. Can you identify a plant from a photo?
    You can use our Identify a Plant feature on our toolbox to put in features of your plant to try to narrow it down. We do not offer photo recognition at this time though there are several apps out there that do this.
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