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Scientific Name Common Name(s) Plant Category Image
Eriophorum angustifolium Cotton grass Water Garden
Eriophorum latifolia Broad leaved cotton grass Ornamental Grass
Eriophorum virginicum Cotton grass Wildflowers
Eryngium aquaticum Rattlesnake master Wildflowers
Eryngium spp. Sea holly Perennials
Erysimum linifolium Alpine wallflower Annuals
Erythrina herbacea Cardinal-spear, Cherokee-bean, coral bean Poisonous Plants
Erythronium 'Pagoda' Avalanche Lily, Fawn Lily, Glacier Lily, Trout Lily Perennial Bulbs, Spring Bulbs
Erythronium americanum Dog-tooth violet, Fawn lily, Trout lily Perennials, Wildflowers
Escallonia rubra Escallonia Shrubs
Eschscholzia californica California poppy Annuals
Eucalyptus cinerea Argyle Apple, Silver dollar tree Annuals, Poisonous Plants, Shrubs, Trees
Eucalyptus spp. Eucalyptus, gum, lemon scented gum, silver dollar tree Poisonous Plants, Shrubs
Eucharis Amazon lily Summer Bulbs
Eucomis bicolor King's Flower, Pineapple Lily Perennial Bulbs, Spring Bulbs
Eucomis comosa King's flower, Pineapple lily Summer Bulbs
Eucommia ulmoides Hardy rubber tree Trees
Eucrosia Summer Bulbs
Euonymus alatus Burning bush, Winged euonymus Poisonous Plants, Shrubs
Euonymus alatus 'Compactus' Compact winged euonymus Poisonous Plants, Shrubs
Euonymus americanus Hearts a'busting, Strawberry bush Native Plants, Poisonous Plants, Shrubs
Euonymus bungeanus Winterberry euonymus Poisonous Plants, Trees
Euonymus europaeus European euonymus Poisonous Plants, Trees
Euonymus fortunei Japanese euonymus, Wintercreeper euonymus Groundcover, Poisonous Plants, Shrubs
Euonymus fortunei 'Colorata' = E. fortunei var. colorata Purpleleaf wintercreeper Poisonous Plants, Shrubs
Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety' Emerald Gaiety euonymus Poisonous Plants, Shrubs
Euonymus fortunei 'Silver Queen' Silver Queen euonymus Poisonous Plants, Shrubs
Euonymus fortunei var. radicans Common wintercreeper, Euonymus, Wintercreeper Groundcover, Poisonous Plants, Shrubs, Vines
Euonymus japonicus Dwarf Japanese euonymus (var. 'Microphyllus', Japanese euonymus Poisonous Plants, Shrubs
Euonymus kiautschovicus Spreading euonymus Poisonous Plants, Shrubs
Euonymus spp. Burning bush, hearts-a-bustin', spindle tree, strawberry bush, wahoo Poisonous Plants
Eupatorium capillifolium Dog fennel, Dogfennel Herbs, Perennials
Eupatorium coelestinum Hardy ageratum, Mistflower, Wild ageratum Perennials, Wildflowers
Eupatorium hyssopifolium Hyssop-leaved bonset, Hyssop-leaved thoroughwort Wildflowers
Eupatorium maculatum Joe-pye-weed, Queen of the meadow Wildflowers
Eupatorium perfoliatum Bonset Native Plants, Wildflowers
Eupatorium rugosum White snakeroot, fall poison Poisonous Plants, Wildflowers
Euphorbia corollata Flowering spurge Perennials, Poisonous Plants, Wildflowers
Euphorbia cyparissias Cypress spurge Poisonous Plants, Wildflowers
Euphorbia esula Leafy spurge Wildflowers
Euphorbia lactea Candelabra cactus, dragon bones, false cactus Poisonous Plants
Euphorbia lathyris Caper spruge, mole plant, sassy jack Poisonous Plants
Euphorbia maculata Spurge, eyebane Poisonous Plants
Euphorbia marginata Snow-on-the-mountain Annuals, Poisonous Plants, Wildflowers
Euphorbia milii Crown-of-thorns Poisonous Plants
Euphorbia myrsinites Creeping spurge, Myrtle euphorbia, donkeytail Groundcover, Poisonous Plants
Euphorbia peplus L. Pretty spurge Annuals
Euphorbia polychroma Cushion euphorbia, Cushion spurge Groundcover
Euphorbia pulcherrima Christmas flower, Poinsettia Poisonous Plants
Euphorbia resinifera Euphorbium Poisonous Plants