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Scientific Name Common Name(s) Plant Category Image
Bergenia cordifolia Bergenia Groundcover, Perennials
Bletilla striata Chinese ground orchid, Hyacinth bletilla Groundcover, Perennials
Buddleja ‘Miss Ruby’ Miss Ruby butterfly bush Perennials, Shrubs
Calathea makoyana Cathedral windows, Peacock plant Perennials
Calathea picturata Calathea Perennials
Caltha palustris Marsh marigold Native Plants, Perennials, Poisonous Plants, Wildflowers
Campanula americana American bellflower, Bellflower, Tall bellflower Perennials, Wildflowers
Campanula glomerata Bellflower Perennials
Canna glauca Canna Perennials, Water Garden
Canna hybrids Arrowroot, Canna Lily, Indian Shot Perennial Bulbs, Perennials
Carduus muticus Swamp thistle, Thistle Perennials, Wildflowers
Carex glaucescens Southern Waxy Sedge Native Plants, Ornamental Grass, Perennials
Carex pensylvanica Oak sedge, Pennsylvania sedge, Rush, Sedge Groundcover, Native Plants, Perennials
Caryopteris spp. Bluebeard Perennials
Centaurea montana Mountain bluet Perennials
Centranthus ruber Red valerian Perennials
Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare Mouseear chickweed Annuals, Herbs, Perennials
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides Dwarf plumbago, Leadwort Groundcover, Perennials
Chelone lyonii Lyon's turtlehead, Pink turtlehead, Shellflower, Turtlehead Perennials, Wildflowers
Chlorophytum comosum Spiderplant Perennials
Chryopsis mariana Perennials
Chrysanthemum morifolium Chrysanthemum Perennials
Chrysogonum virginianum Green and gold Groundcover, Native Plants, Perennials, Wildflowers
Chrysogonum virginianum var. brevistolon Goldenstar, Green and gold Groundcover, Native Plants, Perennials
Clematis spp. Clematis, Leather flower, virgin's bower Perennials, Poisonous Plants, Vines, Wildflowers