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Scientific Name Common Name(s) Plant Category Image
Carex plantaginea Plaintain-leaved sedge Groundcover, Ornamental Grass
Cerastium tomentosum Snow-in-summer Groundcover
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides Dwarf plumbago, Leadwort Groundcover, Perennials
Chrysogonum virginianum Green and gold Groundcover, Native Plants, Perennials, Wildflowers
Chrysogonum virginianum var. brevistolon Goldenstar, Green and gold Groundcover, Native Plants, Perennials
Cornus canadensis Bunchberry Groundcover, Native Plants, Wildflowers
Cotoneaster apiculatus Cranberry cotoneaster Groundcover, Shrubs
Cotoneaster conspicuus Wintergreen cotoneaster Groundcover, Shrubs
Cotoneaster dammeri Bearberry cotoneaster Groundcover, Shrubs
Cotoneaster horizontalis Rockspray cotoneaster Groundcover, Shrubs
Cotoneaster salicifolius Willowleaf cotoneaster Groundcover
Crassula argentea Jade plant Groundcover
Delosperma cooperi Cooper's hardy ice plant, Hardy ice plant Groundcover, Perennials
Delosperma nubigena Cloud-loving hardy ice plant, Hardy ice plant Groundcover
Delosperma sutherlandii Groundcover
Dendranthema pacificum Gold and silver chrysanthemum Groundcover
Dianthus plumarius Dianthus, Pinks Groundcover, Poisonous Plants
Epimedium sempervirens Bishop's hat Groundcover
Epimedium spp. Epimedium Groundcover
Epimedium x perralchicum Yellow epimedium Groundcover
Epimedium x rubrum Red barrenwort, Red epimedium Groundcover
Epimedium x versicolor 'Sulphureum' Bicolor barrenwort, Bicolor epimedium Groundcover
Epimedium x youngianum 'Niveum' White epimedium Groundcover
Erica carnea Groundcover, Shrubs
Euonymus fortunei Japanese euonymus, Wintercreeper euonymus Groundcover, Poisonous Plants, Shrubs