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Extension Master Gardener℠ Demonstration Garden, Durham Co.


Name: Urban Demonstration Garden.

Open to the public: Yes

County: Durham

Address: 721 Foster Street, Durham, NC

Link to the public garden map


USDA Hardiness Zone: 7B

Extension Demonstration Garden? Yes

Approximate year the garden/landscape was established: 2023

What to look for:

  • Shady, Sunny, Vertical, Planters, and Hardscape are the themes.
  • A unique Recognition Sidewalk highlights the Hardscape theme.
  • Custom-designed Gabions highlight the Planters theme.
  • A Spoke Wheel design highlights the Shady Garden.

The garden supports the NC State Extension Master Gardener Mission ( by teaching and demonstrating practical research-based gardening techniques for a variety of urban spaces. This city garden welcomes and inspires visitors with innovative displays, practices, and programs.


Automated drip Irrigation from a rainwater harvesting system.