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Pollinator Garden in Partial Shade


Name: Pollinator Garden in Partial Shade

Open to the public?: No

County: Cabarrus

USDA Hardiness Zone: 7A

Extension Demonstration Garden? no

Approximate year the garden/landscape was established: 2017

This is a private garden in Cabarrus County, NC. It is on the east side of the house and has some trees to the south which provide varying degrees of shade throughout the year. A small redbud tree is planted in the garden which will eventually get larger and provide some additional shade. 

Even though this garden can be seen from 3 sides, it was designed to be viewed from the patio so larger plants are towards the back and smaller towards the front. The pollinator-friendly plants will bloom from spring through fall to provide nectar during the year. Host plants for butterflies are also included as milkweed and passion flower vines. Some artwork and a trellis help provide verticle interest.

Horticulture: Being partially shaded during the afternoon helps reduce water needs along with adequate mulch.