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Acorus calamus 'Variegatus'

Variegated Sweet Flag

Acorus gramineus

Grassy-leaved Sweet Flag, Japanese Sweetflag, Japanese Sweet Flag, Slender Sweet Flag
4 Cultivars

Andropogon gerardii

Big Bluestem, Turkey Foot

Andropogon glomeratus

Bush Beard Grass, Bushy Bluestem

Andropogon ternarius

Broomstraw, Bunchgrass, Silver Bluestem, Splitbeard Bluestem, Split Bluestem

Andropogon virginicus

Beard Grass, Broomsedge, Broomstraw

Aristida stricta

Pineland Threeawn, Wiregrass

Arrhenatherum elatius subsp bulbosum

Bulbous Oat Grass, Tuber Oat Grass
1 Cultivar

Arundinaria variegata

Golden Bamboo, Running Bamboo

Arundo domax 'Variegata'

Giant Variegated Mediterranean Rush

Arundo donax

Giant Reed
2 Cultivars

Calamagrostis brachytricha

Korean Feather Reed Grass

Calamagrostis x acutiflora

Feather Reed Grass
1 Cultivar

Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster'

Feather Reed Grass, Karl Foerster

Carex albula

Blonde Sedge, Frosted Curls Sedge
2 Cultivars

Carex albula 'Frosty Curls'

Frosty Curls Sedge

Carex conica

Birdfoot Sedge
1 Cultivar

Carex dolichostachya 'Kaga Nishiki'

Gold Fountains, Kaga Brocade Sedge

Carex elata

Tufted Grass, Tufted Sedge
3 Cultivars

Carex firma

Carnation Grass, Glaucous Sedge
1 Cultivar

Carex flagellifera 'Toffee Twist'

'Toffee Twist' Sedge, Weeping Brown Sedge

Carex glaucescens

Southern Waxy Sedge

Carex grayi

Gray’s Sedge

Carex laxiculmus 'Bunny Blue'

Creeping Sedge, Sedge

Carex morrowii

Japanese Sedge, Marrow's Sedge, Morrow's Sedge
5 Cultivars
1 Cultivar
1 Cultivar

Carex oshimensis

Evergold Striped Weeping Sedge, Oshima Kan Suge
3 Cultivars

Carex phyllocephala

Palm Sedge, Tenjiku Sedge, Tenjiku Suge
1 Cultivar

Carex plantaginea

Plaintain-leaved Sedge

Carex siderosticha

Creeping Broad Leafed Sedge
1 Cultivar

Celtica gigantea

Giant Feather Grass, Giant Needle Grass, Golden Oats

Chasmanthium latifolium

Northern Sea Oats, River Oats, Wild Oats

Coix lacryma-jobi

Job's Tears
4 Cultivars

Deschampsia cespitosa

Tufted Hair Grass, Tussock Grass
1 Cultivar

Elymus hystrix

Bottle Brush Grass, Bottlebrush Grass

Elymus racemosa

Giant Blue Wild Rye
1 Cultivar

Eragrostis curvula

Weeping Love Grass

Eragrostrum spectablis

Purple Love Grass, Tumble Grass

Erianthus ravennae

Hardy Pampas Grass, Mvenra Grass, Ravenna Grass

Eriophorum latifolia

Broad Leaved Cotton Grass

Festuca amethystina

Tufted Fescue
1 Cultivar

Festuca glauca

Blue Fescue
2 Cultivars

Glyceria maxima 'Variegata'

Variegated Manna Grass

Hakonechloa macro

Hakone Grass
1 Cultivar
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