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Scientific Name Common Name(s) Plant Category Image
Achimenes Cupid's Bow, Magic flower, Mother's tears, Nut-orchid, Orchid pansy, Widow's tears Summer Bulbs
Acidanthera Abyssinian, Fragrant gladiolus, Sword lily Summer Bulbs
Agapanthus African lily, Lily of the Nile Summer Bulbs
Albuca Sentry-boxes, Soldier-in-the-box Summer Bulbs
Allium Ornamental onions Poisonous Plants, Summer Bulbs
Alstroemeria Lily-of-the-Incas, Peruvian lily Poisonous Plants, Summer Bulbs
Amaryllis belladonna August Lily, Belladonna Lily, Naked Lady Perennial Bulbs, Summer Bulbs
Anemone spp. Windflower Poisonous Plants, Summer Bulbs
Anthericum liliago St. Bernard's Lily Summer Bulbs
Antholyza Aunt Eliza rat's rail Summer Bulbs
Babiana stricta Baboon flower, Blue freesias Summer Bulbs
Begonia spp. Belgian begonias, Rex begonias, Tuberous begonias Annuals, Summer Bulbs
Belamcanda Blackberry lily, Leopard flower Summer Bulbs
Bessera Coral drops Summer Bulbs
Bletilla Chinese ground orchid, Hardy orchid Summer Bulbs
Bloomeria Golden stars Summer Bulbs
Brodiaea = Tritelia Fool's Onion, Grass nut, Pretty face, Starflower, Wild hyacinth Summer Bulbs
Caladium spp. Angel wings, Caladium, Elephant's ear Poisonous Plants, Summer Bulbs
Calochortus Butterfly tulip, Globe tulip, Mariposa lily, Star tulip Summer Bulbs
Camassia Camas, Quamash, Wild hyacinth Summer Bulbs
Canna Arrowroot, Canna, Indian shot Summer Bulbs
Cardiocrinum Easter lily, Giant lily Summer Bulbs
Chasmanthe Pennants Summer Bulbs
Chlidanthus Delicate lily, Perfumed fairy lily Summer Bulbs
Clivia Bush lily, Flame lily, Kaffir lily Summer Bulbs