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Collector’s Garden


How do you deal with a passion for plants, lots of different plants, perennials, Japanese maples, hydrangeas, hostas, and bulbs? You plant them, watch them grow, and enjoy them. 

A climbing hydrangea grows on an antique wrought iron panel in one corner of the yard. A grouping of miniature hostas, combined with a giant hosta and a variegated  Japanese maple in a ceramic container, are part of the foundation planting.

Tall colorful plants, including the coneflower “ Maxima”, tallest of the cultivar stand high in the sunny bed. Yellow finches enjoy the coneflower seeds. Day lilies, a Japanese maple and conifers all add to the uniqueness of the bed.

This garden is the result of that passion for plants, especially unique plants. Each grouping of plants combines a variety of plants that enjoy similar conditions which encourages them to flourish. There is color and texture In the garden throughout the year.