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Pollinator Garden in Full Sun


Name: Pollinator Garden in Full Sun

Open to the public?: No

County: Cabarrus

USDA Hardiness Zone: 7A

Extension Demonstration Garden? No

Approximate year the garden/landscape was established: 2017

What to look for: This private garden was started in October of 2017 and is in Cabarrus County, NC. It is a walk-around garden that invites one to view it from different angles as opposed to one seen from one angle only. The center contains the plants that should become the tallest and cascade down to the lower-growing plants around the border. With a large garden, one should focus on planting small groupings of plants throughout the garden mixing textures and colors for appeal. This makes the task of planning less daunting. Ideally, at least three plants of the same should be planted together unless they spread quickly then space should be left for them to do so. This garden also incorporates some viburnum shrubs and yard art. Because it is a raised bed it helps facilitate better drainage for those plants that don't like wet winter soil such as agstaches and penstemons but retain enough moisture to make Joe Pye weed happy. The purpose of this garden is to attract pollinators of various kinds, to have something blooming during the entire growing season and to provide host plants for butterflies.

Horticulture: Despite being in the country with plenty of rabbits, they do not do significant damage to the plants.