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Shade Garden

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Heavy Shade


A Sampling of Shade Gardens


Name: A Sampling of Shade Gardens

Open to the public: Various

County: Various

USDA Hardiness Zone: Various

Extension Demonstration Garden? No

Approximate year the garden/landscape was established: Various

What to look for: Gardens in shade provide both challenges and opportunities for growing plants. The design should incorporate plants well adapted to shade and to the competition from tree roots. Some trees have such dense root systems that few plants will grow under them, but other trees are more congenial and will allow underplanting. 

Shady areas are inviting to people, so the better designs include seating arrangements in the shade. 

A border with a bench to sit and enjoy the cool shade provided by a sculptural vitex tree.

Horticulture: Pine straw is used as a mulch and it helps not only to regulate soil temperature and keep the soil moist longer it also suppresses weed growth.