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Plant Walls and Hedges


Hedges can play an important roll in a garden. They separate spaces, they hide unsightly views, they provide privacy. At the Paul J Ciener Botanical Garden in Kernersville hedges provide these functions and more. A colorful hedge lines the parking lot, so even before getting out of the car a person has the feeling of being immersed in the garden. 

Ginkgo trees are used as a very tall but see through wall. There is a hint through the spaces of the plant treasures that lie behind the tree wall. Pleaching is a technique of weaving branches of trees into a hedge. Deciduous trees are planted fairly close together in a line. Branches are chosen to be woven together to form the desired shape. Over time the branches from opposing trees will graft themselves together to form a very strong wall.

The solid hedge at the back of the parking lot is planted with a number of different trees and shrubs that give it wonderful color and texture.