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Container Gardens


Name: Container Gardens 

County: Various

USDA Hardiness Zone: Various

Extension Demonstration Garden? No

Approximate year the garden/landscape was established: Various

What to look for:

The containers in this Design Gallery show how containers of all shapes and sizes can be used for growing plants that fit in various landscape themes. Plant selection varies, but many container gardeners use three kinds of plants in their designs: Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers. Thrillers are the focal points and are tall, upright plants. Fillers are plants that fill the container, add bulk to the planting, and cover the soil surface. Spillers are trailing plants that cascade over the edge of the container. 


Care for containers depends on the kinds of plants used and the potting medium; however, in most conditions, containers dry out more rapidly than plants in the ground. Plants in containers may need frequent watering. Annual vegetable crops grown in containers, such as tomatoes, may need additional fertilizer during the growing season, as the plants can quickly exhaust the nutrients in the potting medium.