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Crevice Garden at the Guilford County Extension Center


Name: Crevice Garden

Open to the public? Yes

County: Guilford

Address (if public): 3309 Burlington Road, Greensboro, NC 27405

Link to the public garden map


USDA Hardiness Zone: 8a (2023)

Extension Demonstration Garden?: Yes

Approximate year the garden/landscape was established: 2017-2018

What to look for:

A crevice garden is a modified rock garden that mimics the gaps in natural rock formations to create crevices in which plants can grow. The stones in a crevice garden are stacked vertically on edge instead of horizontally. The spacing creates crevices, and plants grow between the stones. Crevice gardens provide an architecturally stunning addition to the landscape, with the different heights and textures of the stones mixed with plants that have different colors and textures. Succulents and herbs work great, as do cold hardy cacti. Often the plants are alpine, desert, or miniature species, as xeric landscaping principles are used to reduce the need for irrigation. The overall effect is striking, even in a small area, with architectural interest from the stones, interesting textures, and beautiful blooms in a low-maintenance garden. The garden was honored with the Search for Excellence Award in 2018.

Type the tag "Guilford Crevice Garden" into the Search box on the Plant Toolbox homepage to see a list of all of the plants in this garden.


The soil is modified to include a mix of topsoil, grit (perlite or gravel), compost, and/or sand to promote water retention when water is limited and drainage when water is plentiful. A soil mix of one part garden soil, one part mushroom compost, and one part perlite, sand, or PermaTill® is a common mixture that is used to promote drainage.