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Sorghastrum elliottii

Common Name(s):
Long-bristled Indian-grass, Indiangrass, Nodding Indiangrass, Slender Indiangrass
Native Plants, Ornamental Grass, Perennials

An ornamental warm-season perennial grass in the Poaceae family. It has alternate, simple leaf blades 3/16" wide dull green to yellow-green with parallel veination.

Nodding Indiangrass is a perennial, warm-season grass that may grow 4-6 feet tall. It has rough, ribbon-like leaves and is scattered throughout NC in open habitats, including roadsides. Nodding flower panicles occur in late summer and early fall.

Regions: Mountains, Piedmont, Coastal Plain

Seasons of Interest: 

     Bloom: Fall; Fruit/Seed/Nut: Fall/Winter

Wildlife Value: Provides excellent cover year round. Seeds are eaten by songbirds and small mammals. Deer resistance is high.




Compare this Plant to:  Sorghastrum nutans

4-6 ft.
Flower Color:
mammals, drought tolerant, native, birds, wildlife, fall, grass, winter interest, deer resistant

NCCES plant id: 3162