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HOA Butterfly Garden in Brunswick County


Name: HOA Butterfly Garden in Brunswick County

Open to the public?: Yes

County: Brunswick

Address (if public): 400 Boundary Loop Rd Calabash, NC

USDA Hardiness Zone: 8A

Extension Demonstration Garden? No

Approximate year the garden/landscape was established: 2022

What to look for: This HOA (Home Owners Association) is in coastal southern Brunswick County. The old roses were removed and the bed was changed into a butterfly/pollinator garden to help teach residents about native plants and pollinators. The narrow space required small or vertical plants that would thrive under low maintenance. It is located between the clubhouse and the tennis court in full sun and surrounded by some pavement. It was started in the fall of 2022 and attracts not only butterflies but also other pollinators as well. Now established, the plants tolerate the well-drained sandy loam soil, the heat load from the surrounding hardscaping, and the lack of regular irrigation.

A butterfly garden needs not only nectar plants but also the host plants that butterflies need to lay their eggs in. Many butterflies and moths will only use specific plants for this. Many plants will act both as host plants and nectar plants such as milkweeds and passion flower vines.

Horticulture: Mulch was applied to help retain moisture but hand watering is done about once a week if there is no rain. As the area is fairly small this is not an issue. So far the deer have not visited the garden