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Ficus elastica

Common Name(s):
Rubber plant

A popular ornamental houseplant in temperate climates.  Broad, shiny attractive leaves.  The trunk may need training or support as it grows taller.  It tolerates low light.  It prefers to remain in one location and does not do well with drafts or cold temperatures. Use a damp soft cloth or sponge to clean dust off of leaves.

Overwatering can cause loss of leaves as can temperatures drops or cold drafts.  It is normal for some bottom leaves to turn yellow and drop.  Mealybugs, scales, and spidermites can be problematic.

up to 8 feet
houseplant, interiorscape, house plant

NCCES plant id: 2937

Ficus elastica Houseplant
Margaret Shear, CC BY-SA - 4.0
Ficus elastica Variegated Leaf
Kathleen Moore, CC BY - 2.0
Ficus elastica Fruit
Forest and Kim Starr, CC BY - 4.0
Ficus elastica Tree
Wendy Cutler, CC BY-SA - 4.0
Ficus elastica Trunk
Weisserstier, CC BY - 4.0
Ficus elastica Roots
eltigrillo99, CC BY-NC-ND - 4.0