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West Side Foundation Planting in Cabarrus County


Name: West Side Foundation Planting in Cabarrus County

Open to the public?: No

County: Cabarrus

USDA Hardiness Zone: 7A

Extension Demonstration Garden? No

Approximate year the garden/landscape was established: 2019

What to look for:

Planting on the west side of a home can be a bit of a challenge as it generally gets no morning sun but lots of hot afternoon sun. Also, the eave overhang will cut down on rain reaching some of the plants. The goal was to install a non-traditional foundation look using both evergreen and deciduous shrubs but also including perennial plants for color and for pollinators. Shrubs can take a few years to fill in so don't crowd new plants and be aware of the mature size of each.

Horticulture: Compost was added after the old shrubs were removed and adequate mulch was applied after the new plants were installed. Both help improve soil quality and retain moisture.