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Pond and Stream


In 2001, we had a pond and stream installed in our side yard so we could see it from inside the house. The stream has a four-inch drop into the pond. At the sides of the pond, we had two small areas planned for bog plants. Star Ridge Aquatics in Carthage, NC did the work and supplied the initial plants.

Not only did we install the pond and a stream for its esthetic appeal but we wanted the slow stream to attract birds. We edged the pond with smooth rocks that form a low, natural-looking edge that allows easy access for birds. This arrangement along with our feeders has gratified us with a large variety of birds coming to visit year-round.

We have enjoyed our adventure because of the fun variety of plants that can be used in a water feature. We love the pitcher plants and bog irises. The water lilies are beautiful and the lotus is a standout when in bloom. The lotus leaves are attractive even through the winter. We have also put our native pickerelweed and Lizard’s Tail in the pond. The pickerelweed has proven to be an aggressive grower and must be thinned occasionally. The pickerelweed is wonderful as a pollinator plant. It attracts not only bees and butterflies but dragonflies and hummingbirds.

We tried goldfish in the pond but in less than a week a great blue heron spotted them and that was the end of the fish. We felt it would be expensive bird food if we added more.

We have had a problem with tree roots coming over the top of the rubber liner and running under the rocks and had to address that. Algae is an occasional issue but it was controlled using barley bales or powder. Later in summer, the plants provide enough shade to control it.