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Juniper Level Botanic Gardens: Muscadine Bed


Walk within the Vitis Arbor that showcases different Muscadines varieties developed for production in North Carolina. In the midst of the Muscadine beds, you will find Yucca, Variegated Hypericum, and many more lovely plants in raised beds.

Photograph A: The Muscadine bed in Late May is showing life as the Muscadine leaves and tendrils develop. The Hydrangea blooms are providing interest in the background. The Dianthus blooms are fading as other Perennial plants flower.

Photograph B: This bed, next to the shipping area, is part of the Muscadine beds. The photo was taken in late March. Here you will see the Hypericum calycinum in the forefront and the Asparagus densiflorus in the back area. There are many other sun loving plants intermixed.

Photograph C-D: The first photo was taken in early March before the grapes leaf out. In the center of the photo you will find the Whale’s tongue Agave. To the left you will find the Pink Champagne Epimedium. In the back bed you will find an airy leafed Asparagus densiflorus. Dianthus and other sun plants that give the garden four season interest. In the second photo, in mid-April,  the Dianthus and other plants are beginning to flower.

Photograph E:  Beside the shipping area you will find a Muscadine Grape Vine display with several NC Muscadine varieties. In this photo, taken in late March, all that can be seen of the Grape plants are the dormant vines reaching up to the arbor and tendrils that reach for the twines and find respite on the next nearby post. In the midst of the arbor you will find plants like Autumn Stonecrop, Hypericum calycinum, Agave ovatifolia, Sempervivum, Toothwort, Bartzella Peony, and the Pink Champagne-Epimedium. Nearby you will find greenhouses full of plants during open house weekends that you may purchase.