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Aristolochia macrophylla

Common Name(s):
Dutchman's pipe
Native Plants, Vines

Aristolochia macrophylla, commonly called Dutchman’s Pipe, is a very vigorous native vine.  It will create a thick green screen in a short period of time making it ideal for covering a fence, wall or strong trellis.  It has large, dark green, heart-shaped leaves and very interesting flowers that are shaped like a small pipe.  You may have to look hard to find the flowers–they are only a few inches long and are a mahogony-cream color.

Its bark is brown and fairly smooth with occasional shallow splits.

This vine plays an important role in the life of native Pipevine Swallowtail butterflies. The flowers provide nectar for the butterflies, and the leaves are an important food source for the caterpillars. The vigorous growth of this vine makes it easy to share the leaves with these beautiful insects.

This native plant grows best in moist, well-drained soil, in full to partial sun.  It is intolerant of dry soil.  It can reach heights of 30 feet tall.  It is a good plant for having few pest or disease problems, and as a bonus it withstands urban pollution quite well.

Commonly called Dutchman's pipe because the unusual, 2" long, yellowish-green flowers (each flaring at the calyx mouth to form 3 brownish-purple lobes) superficially resemble Dutch smoking pipes.

Regions:  Mountain

Seasons of Interest: 

  Blooms:  Summer            Nut/Fruit/Seed:  Fall

Wildlife Value:  This plant is moderately resistant to damage from deer.  It is a host plant for the Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly.    

30 ft.
The Dutchman's pipe has inconspicuous, mahogany and cream flowers in late spring. The flower has an unusual but not offensive fragrance.
Coarse, bold
Sun to light shade; ordinary, well-drained soil
Inconspicuous mahogany and cream flowers in late spring
Growth Rate:
Rapid once established; can be pruned severely
Climbing Method:
butterfly, privacy, deciduous, screening, wildlife, butterflies, fast growing

NCCES plant id: 443

Aristolochia durior Aristolochia durior
Bartam's Garden, CC BY-NC-SA - 2.0
Aristolochia durior Aristolochia durior
Dogtooth77, CC BY-NC-SA - 2.0
Aristolochia durior flower Flower
Stadtkatze, CC BY-NC-SA - 2.0