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Juniper Level Botanic Garden: Banana Beds


Located on the north side of the parking lot, the banana border features many hardy and semi-hardy bananas, Arundo Donax, and Trachycarpus takil that bloom in late summer to fall.

Photograph A-C: In May the Hardy Banana leaves are emerging. You can see the rolled or cigar leaves in a few of the photos. Arundo Donax “Peppermint Stick”, Trachycarpus takil, and Hardy Banana ‘Helen’s hybrid’ plants are waking up after their Winter rest. The Canna generalis,  dwarf ‘two toned tiger’ with it’s yellow and green striped leaves, will be adorned with half yellow and half orange flowers in summer.

Photograph D  In this Photo Musa basjoo is in the forefront. The Arundo donax 'Peppermint stick' with its variegated leaves contrast well with the tropical darker leaves of the Basjoo Banana. You will find Musa velutina, Clerodendrum trichotomum, Hedychium, and other tropical plants.