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Coastal Shade Garden


Name:  Coastal Shade Garden

Open to the public? No

County: Brunswick

USDA Hardiness Zone: 8A

Extension Demonstration Garden? No

Approximate year the garden/landscape was established:

What to look for: This shady garden on the NC coast is planted under a large live oak tree whose limbs reach out many feet and provide shade to dappled shade. The planting is along a corner sidewalk for walkers to enjoy. There are several types of shade-tolerant shrubs that surround a large planting of begonias and some will provide spring flowers. The impatiens add a pop of color to the planting for the growing season. There are ferns, a cast iron plant and sedums for ground cover. Observe the epiphanic fern growing on the branches of the live oak tree. This type of planting can provide year-round interest.