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Zizia aurea

Common Name(s):
Golden Alexanders
Native Plants, Perennials, Wildflowers

Golden Alexanders is a carefree plant found in small colonies on wet soils but is also tolerant of dry summer conditions. It thrives in full to partial sun, but also grows in light shade under trees. 

Family:  Apiaceae

USDA Plant Fact Sheet plant

1-2 ft.
Leaves with finely serrated margins are lanceolate or ovate and up to 8 cm X 5 cm. Larger leaves usually have 1 or 2 sharp lobes. Lower leaves are twice or three times compound with long petioles, while the upper leaves are once compound with short petioles. The leaves slowly turn light purple in the autumn.
The flower is less than .3 centimeters long. Each flower has 5 each of sepals, petals and stamens. Individual flowers are clustered into 8 cm long flat-topped flower heads, the middle flower of each compound umbel is stalkless. Flowers give way to 3 – 4 millimeter long, oblong, green fruit capsules slowly turn light purple in the autumn.
Habitats include: moist black soil prairies, openings in moist to mesic woodlands, savannas, thickets, limestone glades and bluffs, power line clearings in woodland areas, and abandoned fields.
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NCCES plant id: 3204

Zizia aurea Zizia aurea
Minnnesota_snas, CC BY-NC-SA - 4.0
Zizia aurea Zizia aurea
Minnesota_snas, CC BY-NC-SA - 4.0
Zizia aurea Zizia aurea
benet2006, CC BY-NC-SA - 4.0
Zizia aurea Zizia aurea bloom detail
Debbie Roos