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Serenoa repens

Common Name(s):
Saw palmetto
Native Plants, Trees

A small fan palm that grows in clumps or dense thickets in sandy coastal areas, and as undergrowth in pine forests.  This plant is highly salt tolerant.

Wildlife Value: Animals enjoy fruits. The plant is used as a food plant by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species such as Batrachedra decoctor, which feeds exclusively on the plant.

7-10 ft.
The flowers are yellowish-white, about 5 mm across, produced in dense compound panicles up to 60 cm long. The fruit is a large reddish-black drupe.
Growth Rate:
Extremely slow
They are 1-2 meter long with a bare petiole terminating in a rounded fan of about 20 leaflets. The petiole has fine, sharp teeth or spines that give the species its common name. The leaves are light green in color inland, and silvery-white in coastal regions.
food, host plant, small tree, wildlife, larval, salt tolerant, butterflies

NCCES plant id: 3322

Serenoa repens berries
Bob Peterson, CC BY - 2.0
Serenoa repens flowers
Bob Peterson, CC BY - 2.0