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Monarda punctata

Common Name(s):
Spotted horsemint
Perennials, Wildflowers

Drought tolerant memer of the Lamiaceae (mint-square stems) family.  Makes excellent cut flowers. Remove spent flowers to improve plant appearance and possibly to prolong bloom. Spreads by runners to form large clumps, but is not considered to be too aggressive.

Works well planted in borders, cottage gardens, meadows, herb gardens, in containers, or butterfly gardens.

Seasons of Interest:

   Bloom:  Summer, long

Wildlife Value: Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Members of the genus Monarda support the following specialized bees: Dufourea monardaePerdita (Perdita) gerhardiand Protandrena abdominalisThis plant is resistant to damage by deer and rabbits.

Insects, Diseases, and Other Plant Problems: Plants are susceptible to powdery mildew, espeically in crowded gardens, but it is usually in the late season after flowering.  Prune stems to increase air flow.  Severe cases may require fungicidal sprays. In addition, if the soil is allowed to dry out, the stressed plants become increasingly susceptible to disease. Rust can also be a problem.

Summer into fall
2-3 ft.
Flower Color:
Yellow with purple spots
Fragrant when crushed, opposite leaves on square stem; shallow toothed; pointed at both ends
Fragrant ragged cluster of tubular yellow two-lipped (slender arching upper lip) flowers spotted with purple, in the upper leaf axils and stem ends in two or more tiered, but interrupted, stem-ringing clusters, each cluster being subtended by (resting upon) a whorl of showy, pinkish, leafy bracts.
Rich, moist, acidic soil; stream banks, thickets, ditches. Tolerates poor soils and drought.
Full sun to partial shade
Eastern United States
Life Cycle:
boarders, pollinator, nectar, rabbits, fragrant flowers, bees, fragrant leaves, meadow, containers, specialized bees, hummingbirds, deer resistant, cut flowers, wildlife, butterfly garden, butterflies, herb garden

NCCES plant id: 2665

Monarda punctata Monarda punctata