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Epilobium ciliatum

Common Name(s):
Northern willowherb

Willowherbs are in the Onagraceae family.  They are annuals that are more common in cool regions, but occur occasionally as a cool-season weed in warmer areas. Seedlings are small and slow to establish, but once established, plants elongate to 18 inches tall. Stems are winged, and leaves are opposite, lack petioles and are deeply veined. Flowers are pink. Long seed pods split open to release many wind-dispersed seed. This weed is becoming more prevalent in container nurseries, likely spreading in contaminated nursery crops. Inspect liners to prevent introduction. Prevent plants from going to seed. Willowherbs are not well managed by herbicides currently labeled for use. Herbicide efficacy rankings for this species are based on limited experimental data.  This weed is similar to northern willowherb  (Epilobium hirsutum).

winter annual weed
18 inches

NCCES plant id: 3077

Epilobium ciliatum Epilobium habit
Epilobium ciliatum Epilobium inflorescence
Epilobium ciliatum Epilobium ciliatum stem
Epilobium ciliatum Epilobium ciliatum leaf margin