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Emilia spp.

Common Name(s):
Cupid's shavingbrush, Tassel flower
Annuals, Herbs

Tassel-flower in in the Asteraceae (daisy) family.  It represents several closely related and similar summer annual species. Leaves of all three common species have toothed margins that resemble sowthistle (Sonchus oleraceus L.). Plants initially form a rosette of leaves then upright stems elongate. Leaves at the base are broad with toothed margins and have winged petioles, while leaves on the flower stalk clasp the stem with no petioles. Leaves on the flower stalk have toothed margins and taper to a point. Stems of young plants are distinctively hairy but lose hairs with age. Upright stems are sparsely branched, reaching a height of 2 to 3 feet and terminating with red, pink, or light purple flowers. Flowers lack distinct petals. Plants flower in summer, and then die after frost. Seed heads are small (1/2 inch or less in diameter) dandelion-like globes of wind dispersed seed. 

summer annual weed
2-3 feet

NCCES plant id: 3052

Emilia spp. Emila habit
Emilia spp. Emilia seedling
Emilia spp. Emilia flower head
Emilia spp. Emilia coccinea stem
Emilia spp. Emilia coccinea leaf
Emilia spp. Emilia coccinea flower head