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Dypsis lutescens

Common Name(s):
Areca palm, Bamboo palm, Butterfly palm, Cane palm, Yellow palm

A tropical plant grown as a houseplant in temperate climates.  They prefer bright light, warm to average room temperatures, and high humidity.  They have multiple stems that arise from one base and large, arching, pinnately compound green fronds.  Panicles of yellow flowers appear in the summer.  One of several common names, "butterfly palm" refers to the leaves which curve upwards in multiple stems that look similar to a butterfly.  It has been shown to reduce indoor air pollution.

houseplant, interiorscape, house plant

NCCES plant id: 2923

Dypsis lutescens Dypsis lutescens
Kathleen Moore, CC BY - 2.0
Dypsis lutescens Dypsis lutescens
Scott Zona, CC BY-NC - 4.0
Dypsis lutescens Dypsis lutescens
Dinesh Valke, CC BY-SA - 4.0