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Ludwigia palustris

Common Name(s):
Water purslane
Annuals, Edible Plants

There are several prostrate, mat-forming or erect summer annual species of Ludwigia (in the Onagraceae family) that are common in areas that remain wet for extended periods of time. Stems are succulent, often red in color. Leaves are also often reddish in color. Flowers are inconspicuous on the prostrate species but bright, showy yellow on several upright species. Prostrate species are more common in gravel areas but may spread to pots. 

Improved drainage can reduce the habitat available for establishment of this species, thereby reducing the ability of this weed to spread.  No herbicide efficacy data are available.

summer annual weed
Leaves and stems either fresh or cooked.
summer annual weed, weed

NCCES plant id: 3079

Ludwigia palustris Ludwigia habit
Ludwigia palustris Ludwigia stem
Ludwigia palustris Ludwigia flower
Ludwigia palustris Ludwigia palustris stem
Ludwigia palustris Ludwigia palustris leaf