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Utricularia spp.

Common Name(s):
Carnivorous Plants, Water Garden

Does not have roots

Requires still, shallow water; prefers acidic water; an oval bladder has a double airtight seal on one end; when the door is closed, water is pumped out creating a vacuum inside; near the door is a trigger; when sprung, water rushes in

Primary food: water fleas, mosquito larvae

Height:Free floating

Mostly submerged
Modified stems and leaves act as anchor and storage; traps small water insects in bladders. Star-shaped mat of leaves; delicate, threadlike stems; small, submerged, reversed bladders with touch-sensitive hairs
1-5 in. stalk of yellow or purple flowers in spring and summer are held above the water

NCCES plant id: 2456

Utricularia reniformis Utricularia reniformis
Tim Waters, CC BY-NC-ND - 2.0
Utricularia cornuta Utricularia cornuta
Bob Peterson, CC BY - 2.0
Utricularia gibba Utricularia gibba
Alex Popovkin, CC BY - 2.0
Utricularia leptorhyncha Utricularia leptorhyncha
eyeweed, CC BY-NC-ND - 2.0
Utricularia sandersonii Utricularia sandersonii
Niek Hanckmann, CC BY-NC-2.0
Utricularia subulata Utricularia subulata
Bob Peterson, CC BY - 2.0