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Tanacetum balsamita

Common Name(s):
Alecost, Bible leaf, Chrysanthemum, Costmary, Mint geranium
Edible Plants, Herbs, Perennials

A perennial herb with oval seratedl leaves that have a eucalyptus fragrance.  Sweeter and more aromatic than Tansy, when clipped, Costmary also makes an attractive, fragrant hedge in the herb garden or perennial border.  Often called mint geranium but it is related neither to the mint nor the geranium family.  It is in the Asteraceae family.

Synonmyms: Chrysanthemum balsamita

8-24 inches
16-24 inches
Was used to flavor beers before hops became popular. Now use as a green salad or pot herb. The leaves or stems or flowers can be cooked and used for food or seasoning, preparing tea or adding essence. It can be used in place of mint in iced drinks and as a sage substitute in stuffing. It pairs well with egg and seafood dishes, and also sweet dishes like fruits and cake. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way, the leaf has a sharp tang and can rapidly be overpowering in any dish.
edible, fragrant, boarder, herb

NCCES plant id: 2955

Tanacetum balsamita Tanacetum balsamita
Joan Simon, CC-BY-SA-2.0
Tanacetum balsamita Tanacetum balsamita detail
Joan Simon, CC-BY-SA-2.0