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Cyperus spp.

Common Name(s):
Annual sedge, Flatsedge, Rice flat sedge

Several species of annual sedges including rice flat sedge (C. iria), compressed sedge (C. compressus), flatsedge (C. odoratus) can infest container stock. In contrast to yellow nutsedge, these species spread strictly by seed. Flowers are green or yellowish-brown. Seeds germinate spring through summer. Plants flower late summer through early fall, and then die after frost. Stems are triangular and plants grow best in wet sites in hot weather. Annual sedges are variable in size but all have a clump (or tillered) growth habit and frequently have red roots, but lack the rhizomes and tubers seen in nutsedge. Annual sedges are easier to control than perennial nutsedges. Several preemergence herbicides are effective on annual sedges and handweeding is easier and more effective than with nutsedge.


NCCES plant id: 3042

Cyperus spp. Cyperus compressus inflorescence
Cyperus spp. Cyperus iria habit
Cyperus spp. Cyperus iria leaf
Cyperus spp. Cyperus iria inflorescence
Cyperus spp. Cyperus iria spikelet