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Coffea arabica

Common Name(s):
Arabian coffee, Coffee plant
Edible Plants, Shrubs, Trees

A small upright evergreen shrub or small tree that is grown in tropical climates.  Grown as a houseplant in temperate climates with well-draining potting soil.  Needs bright light and high humidity indoors but if taken outdoors prefers some parital shade.  After 3-4 years small white fragrant blooms will appear from May to June. Fissured bark appears on older branches. The fruits are  green two-seeded berries that gradually mature to yellow, light red and finally deep red.  Berries are edible with a pulpy grape-like texture, but it is the seeds (coffee beans) that are sought after. Berries are picked by hand when ripe and depulped, with the extracted seeds/beans then dried in the sun before roasting and grinding to produce the popular beverage coffee. 

6-15 feet
Plants feature (a) glabrous, glossy, elliptical, dark green leaves with prominent veins and wavy margins
Fragrant (resembles the aroma of jasmine), star-shaped, white flowers that bloom in axillary clusters of 2-9
Organically rich-well drained soil
6-15 feet
broadleaf evergreen, houseplant, fragrant flowers, evergreen

NCCES plant id: 2896

Coffea arabica Coffea arabica
Forest and Kim Starr, CC BY - 2.0
Coffea arabica habit Coffea arabica habit
Joan Simon, CC BY - 2.0
Coffea arabica flowering Coffea arabica flowering
tatters, CC-BY-SA-2.0
Coffea arabica flower Coffea arabica flower
Malcolm Manners, CC BY - 2.0
Coffea arabica fruit Coffea arabica fruit
Malcolm Manners, CC BY - 2.0
Coffea arabica Coffea arabica
tatters, CC-BY-SA-2.0