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Centaurea cyanus

Common Name(s):
Bachelor's button, Cornflower
Annuals, Edible Plants

A hardy low maintenance annual with striking blossoms.  Tollerates low water conditions but prefers medium moisture well-drained soils.  Prefers full sun to  light shade, stems will droop with too much shade.  Taller plants may need staking.   Seeds can be started indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost, or in mild winter climates can be seeded directly outdoors in the fall.  

Plants reseed and naturalizes easily. Is an attractive, long-lasting a cut flower.   Seeds attracts birds and nectar attracts butterflies so limit dead-heading if you wish to support wildlife visitors.  

No serious insect or disease problems to note. Wilt, rots and rusts are possible. Also watch for aphids and mealybugs.

Early summer
Sun to partial shade
Blue, pink, white, wine
1-3 feet
1-2 feet
pink, sun, pollinators, blue, hardy annual, cut flower, birds, wildlife plant, partial shade, early summer, wine, white, butterflies, showy

NCCES plant id: 39

Centaurea cyanus Centaurea cyanus