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Bowlesia incana

Common Name(s):
Hairy bowlesia, Hoary bowlesia
Annuals, Herbs

Hoary bowlesia (or hairy bowlesia) is in the family Apiaceae. It is a native of the western U.S. that is spreading rapidly in southern and southeastern turf and landscapes, and has been found in some container nurseries. It is a low growing winter annual that produces pale green clumps or mats in the spring. Young plants strongly resemble hairy buttercup with palmately lobed leaves; stems and leaves are hairy. The flowers are inconspicuous; seed pods are small and in the axils of the leaves. No control information is available. Other members of this family have shown tolerance to some herbicides.


NCCES plant id: 3047

Bowlesia incana Habit
Bowlesia incana Leaves
Bowlesia incana Stem
Bowlesia incana Inflorescence