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Juniper Level Botanic Garden


Juniper Level Botanic Garden, JLBG, was established in 1988 by Raleigh native Tony Avent in a 2-acre tobacco field. It has been expanded to approximately 28 acres. The garden is designed to showcase a diverse collection of ornamental plants in an aesthetic and relaxed setting. Plant Delights Nursery was established in 1988 to provide a source of unique and unusual plants. The money provided by sales provides a funding source for JLBG for future plant research, breeding, and garden maintenance.

The Juniper Level Botanical Garden is subdivided into many gardens showcasing many different types of gardens. There are at least 22 main gardens. Some of the garden names are Fountain Garden, Rock Garden, Front Garden Gazebo, Grape Vines/Four Season Garden, Alpine Garden, Souto (sunny) Gardens, Southwestern Garden Patio, Mystic Waterfall Overlook Deck, Mount Michelle Mystic Waterfall, Tropical Island, Crevice Garden, Grotto/ Small Waterfall, Aquatic Bog Filtration Garden.

The gardens are not plotted nor do they have drawn plans. The gardens are redesigned periodically to express creativity. The garden is designed with year-round interest. You will find Hostas, Hellebores, Palms, Agaves, Aspidistras, Bananas, Camellias, Trilliums, Toad Lilies and so many more plants interwoven into the landscape. The gardens are packed with 23,000 different plants.

Photograph A: Open by appointment only and during seasonal open houses 24 days a year you will find a well-hidden gem. At the entrance, you are greeted by Agave, Ornamental grasses on the left. On the right of the driveway, the Chinese snowball viburnum shades the Aucuba japonica and Phlomis. There is always something of interest no matter what the season. The link to make an appointment to visit Plant Delights, when unable to attend one of the many popular open houses is