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Juniper Level Botanic Garden: Crevice Garden


Don’t miss the 300-foot crevice garden completed in 2019 and made with repurposed concrete from the demolition of an on-site building. It features many alkaline-loving, xeric-loving plants that are difficult to grow in other garden conditions. Many of the plants featured in the garden area were grown from seed from the Hardy Plant Society and the North American Rock Garden Society.


Extra photograph descriptions:

Photograph A and B: In 2017, the 300-foot wall construction began near the Eastern exit drive using repurposed concrete from on-site construction. Jeremy Schmidt, constructed the wall using a Norman Singer Grant from the North American Rock Garden. This photo was taken in late March. Here you will find many alkaline-loving, dryland plants that have not been able to be grown at Juniper Level Botanic Garden before developing this new habitat. The crevice garden is home to plants like Notocactus haselbergii, Scabiosa silenifoia, Iris pseudata, Daphne sericea, Agave loferox, and many more unusual plants. 


Photographs C, D, and E: This photo was taken in March 2021, 4 years after construction began. In the forefront, you will find the Globularia pseudo-nana. Other plants found in the Crevice garden are Echinocereus stoloniferus, different Prickly pear species, and a variety of Agave. In the background, you will find several palm species.  Sun-Shade Garden paths can be seen on the right. Hypertufa trays made in March 2018 by JLBG staff and some of their volunteers line the front of the crevice garden with interplantings of smaller specimens. 

Photographs F: This photo was taken in mid-April. The Notocactus haselbergii begins to bloom. Origanum syricacum, Blue globe Daisies, Hadelia trichophylla, Pelargonium barklyi, and Urospermum Dalechampii are greening up.