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Polypodium aureum

Common Name(s):
Cabbage palm fern, Gold foot fern, Golden polypody, Hare foot fern, Rabbits foot fern

This epiphytic fern is native to the tropical eastern coasts of the Americas and is commonly grown as a houseplant.  It is a rhizomatous fern, spreading by its roots that are densely covered in golden scales, giving the fern its name.  Ideal growing conditions include partial sun, medium humidity and moist but not soggy, soil.  

The fronds are large and deeply lobed, from 12-50 inches long and 4–20 inches wide, in the wild. The evergreen fronds have up to 35 pinnae that vary in color from bright green to green-blue or silver-green or gray-green in some cultivars. They have undulate margins. Spore sori are round and run along each side of the pinna midrib. The tiny spores are wind-dispersed.
houseplant, epiphyte, epiphytic, container, house plant, evergreen

NCCES plant id: 2907

Polypodium aureum Leaves
Wildlife Travel, CC BY-NC-2.0