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Pilea involucrata

Common Name(s):
Friendship plant

The friendship plant is easily propagated by stem cuttings and given to friends, hence the common name.  It is grown as a houseplant in tempearate regions.  This is a bushy trailing plant.  Leaves  bright green and maroon variegated with a heart-shaped and a network of deep veins.  They need partial shade and high humidity to thrive.  Flowers are green-pink and insignifigant. 


Aphids and mealybugs can be an issue but are seldom a serious problem.

6-12 inches
Flower Color:
easily propagated, showy foliage, houseplant

NCCES plant id: 2913

Pilea involucrata Pilea involucrata
Diego Delso, CC-BY-SA-2.0
Pilea involucrata Pilea involucrata
Bjorn Sahlberg, CC BY-NC-ND - 2.0
Pilea involucrata Pilea involucrata
Francois Guibert, CC BY-NC-ND - 2.0
Pilea involucrata as a terrarium plant Pilea involucrata as a terrarium plant
Bjorn Sahlberg, CC BY-NC-ND - 2.0