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Hamelia patens

Common Name(s):
Firebush, Hummingbird bush, Scarlet bush
Annuals, Native Plants

Hamelia patens is a large perennial shrub or small tree in the coffee family, Rubiaceae, that is native to the American subtropics and tropics. Its range extends from Florida in the southern United States to as far south as Argentina. Common names include firebush, hummingbird bush, scarlet bush, and redhead.  Good soil drainage is important for this plant. When grown as an annual, this plant may be sited directly in the soil or in containers that can be overwintered indoors. Although somewhat drought-tolerant once established as a perennial in southern areas, it prefers regular moisture when grown as an annual. Best flowering is in full sun conditions. Thrives in high heat.  This plant is moderaltely salt tolerant.

As an annual, this plant may be grown in borders, cottage gardens or containers. Interesting plant for butterfly and bird gardens.

Sun to part shade
Orange to orange-red
1-3 ft.
1-2 ft.
9 to 10
small dark red berry turning black at maturity
heat tolerant, songbirds, showy flowers, birds, nectar, container garden, container, tropical, patio, cottage garden, salt tolerant, butterfly garden, butterflies, wildlife

NCCES plant id: 3342