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Eupatorium capillifolium

Common Name(s):
Dog fennel, Dogfennel
Herbs, Perennials

Dogfennel, in the Asteraceae (daisy) family, is a perennial weed with finely-dissected leaves. Leaves are very aromatic when crushed. Stems are erect, reaching 6 feet in height with a woody base. Flowers are small, greenish-white and borne in large flower heads at the tops of the stems. Seed spread by wind so it is important to prevent plants from flowering. Seedlings emerge from spring through early autumn. Plants are difficult to remove and if not removed completely with hand weeding, plants will re-sprout from broken stems. Dogfennel is managed from seed by many broad-spectrum preemergence herbicides; however, herbicide efficacy rankings for this species are based on limited experimental data. 

6 feet
aromatic leaves, weed

NCCES plant id: 3054

Eupatorium capillifolium Habit
Eupatorium capillifolium Seedling
Eupatorium capillifolium Stem
Eupatorium capillifolium Leaves
Eupatorium capillifolium Flower heads