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Drosera filiformis

Common Name(s):
Devil's Dozen
Carnivorous Plants

Full sun; planting mix of whole fiber sphagnum moss or mix of equal parts peat moss and coarse vermiculite or sharp sand; requires constant moisture

1-8 in.
Prostrate growth; usually 4-8 leaves; dozens of slender, crimson or green-tipped filaments stud each leaf; glands secrete a tiny droplet of clear mucilaginous substance on the ends of tiny tentacles that trap insects; traps unfold 4-6 days after trapping an insect; traps die after 2-4 closings
White, pink, or scarlet flowers on 6-12 in. stalk, May to August, above a rosette of basal leaves; open for several hours in the morning

NCCES plant id: 160

Drosera filiformis Drosera filiformis
Carnivorasland, CC BY-ND-2.0
Drosera filiformis Drosera filiformis
travel_stuffles, CC BY-NC-2.0
Drosera filiformis Drosera filiformis
Jonathan-Nardi, CC BY-NC-ND - 2.0