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Cardamine corymbosa Hook. f.

Common Name(s):
Bittercress, New Zealand bittercress
Annuals, Herbs

New Zealand bittercress is in the Brassicaceae (mustard) family.  It is a new species to North America. Presumably introduced in nursery stock, it differs from other bittercresses by producing prostrate stems that root at the nodes. Seedlings form small rosettes; leaves generally have a single egg-shaped leaflet on a long petiole, and occasionally a pair of smaller leaflets below. As plants mature, stems elongate, rooting at the nodes. The inflorescence produces only 4 or 5 seed pods but has indeterminate growth, producing additional inflorescences. Although the plant is generally smaller and less vigorous compared to other bittercresses, the stoloniferous habit can make this speices challenging to manage. 

Wildlife Value: Members of the genus Cardamine support the following specialized bee: Andrena (Scaphandrena) arabis.

Dehiscent seed pod
weed, weedy, bees, pollinator, specialized bees, wildlife, invasive

NCCES plant id: 3063

Cardamine corymbosa Habit
Cardamine corymbosa Seedling
Cardamine corymbosa Fruits