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Aphelandra squarrosa

Common Name(s):
Zebra plant
Perennials, Shrubs

A broad-leaf evergreen commonly grown as a houseplant.  Distictive ovate to eliptic dark green leaves with white stripes and showy yellow-bract flowers.   Prefers a well-drained acidic potting soil.  Do not allow soil to dry out completely.  The plant prefers high humidty and temperatures that do not dip below 65º F.   Place pots on a bed of wet pebbles or grow in bathrooms to try to meet the humidity needs.   Cut plants back after flowering to manage growth.  

No serious insect or disease problems but look out for aphids, scale, and white flies.  

Flower Color:
yellow bracts
showy flowers, houseplant, interiorscape, showy leaves, house plant

NCCES plant id: 2948

Aphelandra squarrosa Aphelandra squarrosa
Justin Charles, CC BY-NC-ND - 4.0
Aphelandra squarrosa Aphelandra squarrosa
Ali Eminov, CC BY-NC - 4.0