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Form Acer pensylvanicum Common name(s): Goosefoot Maple, Moosewood, Snakebark Maple, Striped Maple, Whistlewood Previously known as: Acer canadense, Acer tricuspifolium Acer rubrum Acer rubrum Common name(s): Acer Sanguineum, Carolina Maple, Curled Maple, Red Maple, Scarlet Maple, Soft Maple, Swamp Maple Previously known as: Rufacer rubrum From Acer saccharinum Common name(s): River Maple, Silverleaf Maple, Silver Maple, Swamp Maple, Water Maple, White Maple form Acer saccharum Common name(s): Leucoderme, Northern Sugar Maple, Sugar Maple Acer barbatum Acer saccharum subsp. floridanum Common name(s): Florida Maple, Southern Sugar Maple Previously known as: Acer barbatum, Acer floridanum, Saccharodendron barbatum, Saccharodendron floridanum  Acer leucoderme Acer saccharum subsp. leucoderme Common name(s): Chalk Maple, Whitebarked Maple Previously known as: Acer leucoderme Flower Actaea Common name(s): Baneberry, Bugbane, Coralberry, Doll's-Eyes, Snakeberry, White Cohosh Actaea pachypoda Actaea pachypoda Common name(s): Baneberry, Doll's Eyes, Dolls-eyes, Necklace Weed, Toadroot, White Baneberry, White Beads, White-beads, White Cohosh Tree in full bloom Aesculus flava Common name(s): Big Buckeye, Sweet Buckeye, Yellow Buckeye Previously known as: Aesculus octandra Aesculus sylvatica Aesculus sylvatica Common name(s): Dwarf Buckeye, Painted Buckeye Form of "blue Fortune' Agastache Common name(s): Giant Hyssop, Hummingbird Mint Amanita flavoconia Amanita flavoconia Common name(s): Yellow Patches, Yellow Wart Amanita gemmata Amanita gemmata Common name(s): Gemmed Amanita, Jeweled Deathcap, jonquil Amanita Amianthium muscitoxicum Amianthium muscitoxicum Common name(s): Crow Poison, Fly Poison, Stagger Grass Previously known as: Chrosperma muscitoxicum, Zigadenus muscitoxicus Amorpha herbacea Amorpha herbacea Common name(s): Clusterspike False Indigo, Dwarf Indigo Bush, Leadplant Previously known as: Amorpha cyanostachya, Amorpha floridana, Amorpha herbacea var. floridana Amsonia tabernaemontana var. tabernaemontana Common name(s): Wideleaf Blue-stars Arisaema draconitum Arisaema dracontium Common name(s): Dragon Arum, Dragon-Root, Green Dragon Previously known as: Arisaema boscii, Arisaema plukenetii, Muricauda dracontium Flowers Astilbe biternata Common name(s): Appalachian False Goatsbeard, False Goat's Beard Azolla caroliniana Azolla caroliniana Common name(s): Eastern Mosquito Fern, Fairy Moss, Mosquito Fern Calocedrus decurrens Calocedrus decurrens Common name(s): California Incense Cedar, Incense Ceder Previously known as: Libocedrus decurrens, Thuja decurrens Conoclinium greggii Conoclinium greggii Common name(s): Gregg's Mistflower, Palm-leaf Mistflower, Palm-leaf Thoroughwort, Palmleaf Thoroughwort, Purple Palmleaf Eupatorium, Purple palmleaf Mistflower, Texas ageratum Previously known as: Cococlinium dissectum, Eupatorium greggii Form in bloom Coreopsis auriculata 'Nana' Common name(s): Dwarf Tickseed, Ear-leaved Tickseed Previously known as: Coreopsis pubescens 'Nana' Dirca palustris Dirca palustris Common name(s): Leatherbark, Leatherwood, Wicopy Elephantopus tomentosus in the summer in Moore County Elephantopus tomentosus Common name(s): Common Elephant's Foot, Devil's Grandmother, Elephant's Foot Eriogonum inflatum Common name(s): Bladder-Stem, Bottle Stopper, Desert Trumpet, Desert Trumpets, Guinagua, Indian Pipeweed, Native American Pipeweed

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