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Scientific Name Common Name(s) Plant Category Image
Celastrus scandens American bittersweet, Bittersweet, Climbing bittersweet Native Plants, Poisonous Plants, Vines
Celtis laevigata Southern Hackberry, Sugar Hackberry, Sugarberry Native Plants, Trees
Celtis occidentalis Hackberry Native Plants, Shrubs, Trees
Celtis tenuifolia Dwarf hackberry, Georgia hackberry, Small hackberry, Sugar hackberry, Upland hackberry Native Plants, Shrubs, Trees
Cephalanthus occidentalis Buttonbush Native Plants, Shrubs
Ceratiola ericoides Florida rosemary, Sandhill rosemary Native Plants, Shrubs
Cercis canadensis 'NCCC1' PPAF Carolina Sweetheart™ Redbud, Eastern redbud, Judas tree Native Plants, Trees
Cercis canadensis var. canadensis Eastern redbud, Redbud Native Plants, Trees
Chamaecyparis thyoides Atlantic white cedar, Swamp cedar, White cypress Native Plants, Trees
Chasmanthium latifolium Northern sea oats, River oats, Wild oats Native Plants, Ornamental Grass
Chionanthus virginicus Fringe tree, Old man's beard Native Plants, Shrubs, Trees
Chrysogonum virginianum Green and gold Groundcover, Native Plants, Perennials, Wildflowers
Chrysogonum virginianum var. brevistolon Goldenstar, Green and gold Groundcover, Native Plants, Perennials
Cladrastis kentukea Yellowwood Native Plants
Cladrastis lutea Yellowwood Native Plants, Trees
Clematis viorna Leather flower Native Plants, Poisonous Plants, Vines
Clematis virginiana Italian clematis, Virgin's bower Native Plants, Poisonous Plants, Vines
Clethra acuminata Cinnamonbark clethra, Mountain pepperbush Native Plants, Shrubs, Trees
Clethra alnifolia Clethra, Summersweet, Sweet pepperbush Native Plants, Shrubs
Clethra alnifolia 'Crystalina' PP21,561 Summersweet, Summersweet clethra, 'Crystalina' Summersweet Clethra Native Plants, Shrubs
Cliftonia monophylla Buckwheat tree, Titi Native Plants, Shrubs, Trees
Cocculus carolina Carolina moonseed, Coral-beads Native Plants, Vines
Conoclinium coelestinum Blue boneset, Blue mist flower, Hardy ageratum Native Plants, Perennials, Wildflowers
Conradina verticillata Cumberland rosemary Native Plants, Shrubs
Cornus alternifolia Alternate-leaved dogwood, Pagoda dogwood Native Plants, Trees