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Euphorbia peplus L.

Common Name(s):
Petty spurge

Petty spurge (Euphorbiaceae) is a small, branched, upright plant with pale green foliage and stems, resembling leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula) but smaller in stature and not spreading by underground runners. Plants produce distinctive bracts (modified leaves) below the small flowers. Flowers are small and pale green in color. Petty spurge is widely distributed in North America. No specific data are available on seed dormancy and germination but plants are prolific seed producers, and emerge in cool weather of fall through late spring. 

winter annual weed
weeds, cpp, winter annual weed

NCCES plant id: 3074

Euphorbia peplus L. Habit
Euphorbia peplus L. Seedling
Euphorbia peplus L. Stem
Euphorbia peplus L. Abexial leaf surface
Euphorbia peplus L. Fruit