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Senecio vulgaris L.

Common Name(s):
Common groundsel, Groundsel
Annuals, Herbs

Common groundsel in the Asteraceae (daisy) family, is referred to as a summer annual yet this plant can germinate in spring, summer, or fall. Common groundsel is most common in cool, moist conditions. In milder climates or in overwintering structures, plants can survive outdoors in winter. Plants have distinctive lobed leaves and yellow flowers. Seedlings can flower when less than 2 inches tall but may grow to 18 inches. Seeds are wind-dispersed and have little to no dormancy, thus one can have multiple generations per year. Flowers can mature to produce seeds even after being hand weeded. If possible do not let plants go to seed. With new transplants, inspect liners  and pots and eradicate new infestations before they spread. Common groundsel is well controlled by preemergence broadleaf herbicides labled for use.

A rust disease has been accidentally introduced from Europe that may impact populations.

18 inches

NCCES plant id: 3060

Senecio vulgaris L. Habit
Senecio vulgaris L. Stem
Senecio vulgaris L. Abaxial leaf surface
Senecio vulgaris L. Inflorescence
Senecio vulgaris L. Flower head